Simply to increase website’s traffic will be the goal of almost all Internet marketers. What they often used to do is to make their digital marketing efforts fall on the same old-style SEO strategies.

What’s wrong? Old-style SEO strategies is not that bad but not good to keep it on using it despite with the recent updates of today.

Yes, with a high average monthly search volume, your keyword should have it. Next is to make sure you have a targeted page to which you can include your chosen keywords in some definite elements for on-page optimization. Forget now the traditional creation of meaningless contents just to satisfy web crawlers as it would no longer work out like what it did before.

This type of strategy is in a way of creating contents of high value and is informational enough for the users to please what they want to make your content converts. This can be done by merely understanding what the user’s intentions and wants to make them stay and keep on reading on your provided information for them. Through this process, it will further enhance whatever keyword strategy that has been practiced including a campaign on digital marketing which is nowadays works best as most people are now in mobile.

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Learn More about User Intent

User intent, by simply understanding it, it’s the information that users have been looking for. If the user is searching on something about women fashion, she might be looking further on how to style for certain occasions, what fashion tips is applicable for her body type, or where to buy the apparels she needs. Normally, the user will go to Google with the intention of:

  • Learning something
  • Doing something
  • Going somewhere

Your content should support those searches. If what you wrote is technically far from what they are trying to find, expect them to leave immediately from your site without bothering to check on other contents you have.



How to Further Identify the User Intent

You should know that Google generally updates its algorithm once daily for the purpose of providing the best user experience so users can have a more accurate search results. Thus, Google tool is the best option to further identify every user’s intent.

Google tool will basically provide you for:

  1. Determining for the best keyword to target
  2. It will offer you the most targeted keyword
  3. With the data it shows, you can eliminate the other keywords and only find the top 5 to make your page rank high

From there, you can then come up on what content is best to write. Every keyword will give you a sense on what the users have been looking for. After all, both you and the user get benefited on this technique.

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