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My Top Tier Income: TTI 7 Steps System is MOBE’s premier commission generating system. Discover how to get $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 commissions deposited directly into your bank account without ever making a phone call.

Is it possible right? MOBE has phone team to follow-up your clients/leads. To those who are not comfortable talking on the phone what are you waiting for? This system including done for you articles, emails, vidoe’s. Now what you can do? Concentraite on bringing leads.

If you don’t know what is leads? This system will teach you how to generate leads and explain it to you.


That’s right, according to a report released this year by the British humanitarian group Oxfam International…The richest 85 people on the planet have as much wealth – about $1.7 trillion – as one half of the entire human race, about 3.5 billion people.


Those 85 people are part of the world’s richest 1% – a group that has amassed about 46% of the world’s wealth, or $110 trillion. This Top 1% has 65 times the TOTAL wealth of the bottom half of the world’s population.

Pretty shocking. How, income inequality is growing worldwide, but there’s one country that has led
the world in wealth concentration.

The United States. The percentage of income held by the richest 1% in the US has grown nearly 150%over the past 30 years… while the bottom 90% of Americans have become poorer.

Obama recently called the expanding gap between rich and poor a “bigger threat” to the US economy than the enormous federal budget deficit.

And a report released this year by the Sadoff Investment Research firm found that the top 1% ofwage-earning households in the US bring in about $1.2 million per year.


That’s 41 times as much as the average income for all wage-earners, who bring in about $40,000 per year. Now, what does this mean for you? START YOUR TRAINING TODAY!


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