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Work Ethics- Throughout my life I’m good at making my customers happy and my companies happy. I work at aerospace company. I start as Meagentchanic two years later I shift to quality Assurance.

When I put my signatures in building aircraft, inspecting or writing a nonconformance I make sure I did my very best per process to make my customers happy and I take accountability of my actions. Always aim for highest quality. I always visualize that, my family are flying with that Air plane.

I assign with special Project to investigate to all tools that used in 787 productions. I always finds away to satisfy my customers to make them happy. Collaboration and knowing your resources is very imperative in everyday business. I collaborate with first line manager to superintendent, Engineers from design engineers to regular engineers, Planning, FAA and many more. Communication is a must to keep forward. During my down time I always find something to do either building new process or brainstorming to make the job easier and saves companies time and money. I also volunteer to help others. My goal everyday is to give my very best.

I’ve been to a few jobs, I was branch manager one of the Real Estate in the Philippines, Become A field Interviewer in Asia Marketing Intelligence, Work at Credit Card company as credit card consultant. If you notice my experience here is always customer services. I love my job making people happy, customer’s satisfaction, building reputations and credibility.

Importance- The downside of this I’m away from my kids I have one 8 years old daughter and one 2 years old son. I miss a lot of her activities. Multiple times I wasn’t able to attend her field trip, parents and teacher’s conference and many other things. My son he required good amount of attention he get into stuff. One day I found out he eat bath sea salts, he get into paint and make a “Picasso” on my door and drag it all the way to the carpet. When they are sick I wasn’t there. I miss good amount of time. Most parents are not at home all most all the time. Often times parents wonders why the kids have a bad attitude or bad behavior. The reason is we are not there for them; we are so busy to find food to bring on the table and provide their needs and wants. What happen to our mirror image, our kids? Parents always wanted their kids to grow up as a good person.

The bottom line is I always exceed company’s expectations. But I don’t get paid for those. I miss tons of time for my precious gem of my life my husband and my kids.

Motivation, So, everything of what I’ve done motivate me to find business online. I always visualize “Being Free” When I saw eagles are flying or any birds I watched them, mesmerizing…..How Free they are!….Be my own boss. I don’t have to wake up 3:00 in the morning. I don’t have to struggle in the bad weather driving on the snow or heavy rain. I can be there for my kids, take my kids at the park anytime they want. I don’t have to worry going vacation if I have enough time to cover or even going to the Doctor for appointments. I even have time for my hobbies sewing and planting flowers around the house. Did you see the “FREEDOM”? Don’t you want this kind of freedom? This is the freedom that I wanted.

I found- The focus is in Global business that I can do it anywhere. So, I’ve looked and looked for years finally I found one that is perfect. The beauty of this affiliate business the company has its own phone sales team, coach, and all marketing aspect. I only focus on bringing profit to my business. Bringing leads/ clients whatever you call them. I call them clients.

This Is It! Is this the answer of what I’ve been dreaming about? Have I seen the real freedom here that I’ve been waiting for? Definitely the big “YES” right!

Training I’m big on training. This is very important in every aspect in business no matter business you’re dealing with.

So, I started on training, training is great. Series of videos and step by step if you want to watch it again you can. Every time you completed each level you contact your coach via email or call, to talk about what you learn so far. If you have any questions they are there to answer all of it. Every step of the way coach is provided. This is what I like with this business. How about resources on how to start your business? Yes this is available to you everything is here I called it “one stop shop”. Besides company’s Coach and mentor I’m here also for you. I Welcome You to The Proven Business Model maximize your time and enjoy life.

Study I studied different kinds of affiliate marketing, cosmetics lines, Google ad words and many more… I even have my own small restaurant back then. What I found out? Most of them the commissions are so small after advertising very much you don’t have left. Restaurant is very stuff I have to do it most of the time by myself from marketing to cooking. Customer service this also very important, when you try to get hold of them sometimes takes forever; this one is of the life of the business. I also study the refund rate, no Phone seals team, no coach and mentor.

What makes My Top Tier Business Unique? I also study the CEO of this affiliate business he is down to earth man. He also studied multiple people who succeed in their business. He share his experience what he been to. The way he design this business is to maximize our time. Concentrate on the parts that make our business profitable. He put in place the Phone sales team, customer service, Coach and mentor. There are so many successful stories with this proven system. The next one is yours!

Avoid Same Mistakes- Now you can leapfrog because you don’t have to experience the same mistake that I’ve been to. You don’t have to spend tons of money to get where I’m at now. I did it for you.

Finally Free! Now you can experience the life that you’ve been wanting for. Spending time with your family, spending time with your hobbies going hunting, fishing, golfing, and you don’t have send your vacation slip to your boss for approval, not worrying if you have enough time to cover while you in vacation or when you are sick and many more….

Have a fantastic day and move forward!


Bev Tucker