Proven Business Model


The LiPhone Salescense Rights Program is a proven business model with no phone calls and no skill required. The company provides marketing staff, phone sales team, and customer service. Training is easy to understand and assisted by coach and mentor. The goal is helping me and you to succeed online.

While the company provides us with the services that we need to keep moving forward, you and I will remain focused on the important matters of your business. This will consist of generating leads with our proven step by step system.

My first month commission on this business after deductions is $788.35. That is just the frontend products! Backend commission starts from $1000, $3000 and $5000 per person. When my CEO started this business his first commission was $700 and he scaled up to $314,900 in 18 months. You can too!



Licensing 101: How to get 90% Commissions


When yograph-163509_1280u license someone’s product, you pay for the rights to sell that product and you keep the money instead just getting the portion. The regular affiliate program you get 50%. So, instead of getting 50%, you are getting 90% commission as a License Partner. The company takes just 10% of sales coming in and handles all of the sales for you so you can concentrate on sending traffic and making easy money.

To be honest, 10% doesn’t quite cover the expenses for taking care of a new customer… but the company’s CEO is OK with a loss up front because he knows he will be making money on the backend.

Now, this licensing model is infinitely better than any other “online marketing” model because everything is DONE FOR YOU and you still get all the benefits – and commissions – from a successful business with a proven product line. In fact, this licensing model works so well that is has resulted in over $10 MILLION in commissions paid out to partners like you and me.

So, when you make the decision to participate in the program, you can take control of your life. You will be able to take vacations with your spouse, attend activities with your kids and enjoy life.

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