LinkedIn is typically overlooked in the social media world even if we have been constantly irritated with LinkedIn’s spamming emails from other users asking you to add them to your network. LinkedIn is everywhere and is available for everyone for free.

What’s the importance of LinkedIn

From small to medium–size business, LinkedIn has been proven by Forbes and Wayne Breitbarth, LinkedIn expert that it increases from 24% to 57% page usage only in one year record in between 2013 to 2014.

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LinkedIn profiles will not only serve as a good platform for jobseekers to show their whole profile but also for companies for their customers to offer information with regards on their whole background and their services they can offer. Once they saw your website on Google, they will perhaps look your business profile on LinkedIn for assurance of your reputation.

How can SEO be pair with LinkedIn?

If you have established a solid foundation on your company’s LinkedIn profile, customers searching on Google for services or products you have can give them a potential result of providing them your LinkedIn profile right on top of their searches. This will serve as something like a review site which is very beneficial on your part.

With this performance, Google will definitely bring your LinkedIn profile up putting you on second if not on first page.

To actually enjoy the benefits of search engine policies, try to follow on these simple steps:

  • Your company description must be composed of keyword-rich sentences. Thinking that Google has 156 characters search previews, thus put in those first few sentences the most relevant keywords while sticking on the clarity of your description.
  • Make sure your website has your LinkedIn URL. If you are doing business and has some employees, encourage them to add your company’s LinkedIn profile to add on their current work experience.

These are just some hints to put consideration on LinkedIn that it can actually help your website boost and your business grow like what other social media sites do. It’s only a matter of discovering the essence of LinkedIn as to how to make it more beneficial than simply discarding its spamming user invitations on our emails.