Are you considering Internet Marketing or SEO companies to help your site’s conversion and usability? In this case, there will be a tendency that your page views will decrease, your time on site will decrease, and even the site’s bounce rate marks higher by looking at Google Analytics. But this could be a good sign if you have prepared a content strategy.My 3K Formula is a Proven Tools That Convert Over 10,815 in just 7 days Click here

As a key indicator whether a website is working or not, these marketing teams measure it through page views, bounce rate and time on site. In consideration with your site’s analytics, these are still good measures. However if you are updating your website from time to time, these data may look poorer compared from the previous months.

Your content strategy will greatly affect here. Normally it looks bad having a decreasing website views but in some latest trends, it is expected. It can even be turn into good indication of looking forward for a good sign that your site is actually working.

Page views performance is decreasing

This may sound contrasting but the decrease in page views performance is not a huge warning as long as you have quality contents on site. This will push to move forward on eliminating unneeded pages. The main reason why page views drop is because users simply want to get info faster and not to go on pages by pages to get what they really need from your website.

Dropping time on site

To grab every user’s attention to stay on your site is you only have roughly 15 seconds. Make sure that your readers won’t be reading a wall of text on your site so they won’t turn to other website. Solely put direct and relevant content on your website’s pages. Expect your readers to leave your site if you are giving them a load of info prior to what they are really looking for.

High bounce rate

To continue and to give a solid foundation on your content strategy, it could be part of your technique that you will be doing more blogs. Sending and promoting these blogs on social media can increase your website’s traffic. Learn the fact that it’s good to extend your content to lots of users but bear in mind as well that these users are mostly only after on the info of your content and not specifically to buy on your products or services. After simply getting the info they need from your content, they opt to jump to another website and get more. This way, it will of course increase the bounce rate of your site.

To sum up, in Google Analytics, never consider all negative trends a bad sign. What’s important is you know its deeper implication.


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